NEO Coin

NEO Cryptocurrency

What Is NEO Coin?

Formerly known as the alt coin AntShares, NEO is often described as the Chinese version of Ethereum. Originally developed by Da Hongfei in 2014, NEO was rebranded in June 2017, and was groundbreaking in that coin was China’s first digital token.

NEO Coin Future

What NEO has done is positioned itself essentially as a public computing cloud. One of the primary goals for NEO is to establish itself within the Chinese government as a superior Blockchain platform. Seeking to become an industry leader in the crypto world, NEO is attracting developers to utilize the NEO blockchain tools and platform. Progress and development in the NEO ecosystem can already be seen on GitHub with the City of Zion team.

  • NEO Contract – Mechanism for constructing smart contracts in scalable environments, integrating seamlessly among pre-existing codebases such as C#, VB.Net, F#, Java, and Kotlin.
  • Delegated Byzantine Fault Tolerance (DBFT) algorithm: A consensus mechanism allowing the system to turn down and resist the Byzantine Generals problem. DBFT helps to maintain consensus regardless if random nodes bare malicious code.
  • NeoX – This system creates the network allowing for execution and operation across various Blockchains.
  • NeoFS – Think of NeoFS as essentially a peer-to-peer Dropbox type of solution for decentralized storage.
  • NeoQ – A cryptographic mechanism that creates obstacles that can’t be resolved through the use of quantum computing systems, making it quantum-proof.

NEO Price Prediction

What is NEO Price?

Most people involved with crypto assets at this time have a tendency to be speculators. This adds a significant level of volatility in the crypto space where bull and bear markets can routinely see 90% gains or losses. With that being said, NEO crypto price predictions are heavily coupled to the price of Bitcoin. As Bitcoin increases in value, the alt coin market has a tendency to grow exponentially. Currently, technical analysis suggests the crypto winter of 2018 is thawing, giving crypto investors a unique opportunity for massive gains such as those seen in late 2017.

NEO All Time High

During the last crypto bull run the price of NEO reached an all time high of $187.97. With the current NEO price being approximately $12.21, it is easy to see significant investment opportunity in NEO coin with the prices being so undervalued. Although past history in the crypto market suggests the end of a bear run is the start of a long period of sideways movements, the longterm charts are encouraging for NEO.

What Will NEO Be Worth?

NEO price prediction 2019 with conservative estimates should see the value of each NEO coin hitting a high of $27.00-$33.00. As mentioned earlier, NEO coin is still heavily coupled to the price of Bitcoin and in the near term that does not appear to change. That means NEO coins have the potential to reach new all time highs as the market gets closer to the Bitcoin halving in 2020, but a safe NEO prediction for 2019 would be around $30 per token.

Please note that the information contained in this article is NOT investment advice. Investors should do their own research before getting involved with crypto assets as the potential for investment loss is great.